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Jerrie Powell

‚ÄčJerrie Powell has been interested in drawing and painting all her life. Too practical to major in art, she opted for a degree in Business Administration. Along the way she continued to take the occasional drawing, watercolor, or painting class. During the late 80’s her artistic energies were spent building Mrs. Powell’s Gourmet Pecans into a promising business.

In 1997, her husband’s career took them to Belgium for five years where she again pursued her interest in drawing and painting. While in Belgium, Jerrie studied with  with Andre Turner. Upon returning to the states, she put her house in order, enrolled her youngest in high school, sent her son off to college and over saw the marriage of her oldest daughter. Then it was time for Jerrie to take care of Jerrie.

Jerrie has studied with Quang Ho, Scott Christensen, Robert Johnson, Guido Frick, Matt Smith, Robert Moore, Scott Burdick and many others. She considers the workshops as her master's degree in art and has dedicated herself to becoming the artist she always knew was within.

Currently renting a studio at Winter Street Studios, she and suite mate, Lenore Prudhomme, participate in the Second Saturday Open House and Sawyer Yards exhibits.  Workshops with renowned artists have resumed now that the Covid crisis is resolved.  Derek Penix is teaching September 26-28, 2022.  Contact me if you would like to attend.